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D&Co International

D&Co International is a boutique, London-based brand & CX strategic consultancy.


We were approached by D&Co to design and develop a clean, modern website with custom features and animations.

D&Co International - Header-Image


After initial conversations around D&Co’s setup and requirements going forward, we decided to design and develop their website from scratch (i.e. not using a web-based platform). One of the benefits of this approach is complete design flexibility. In this case, however, the design would have to conform to a pre-existing brand identity and guidelines.

D&Co International - Website Designs 1
D&Co International - Website Designs 2
D&Co International - Website Designs 3
D&Co International - Mobile Website Designs


After a full design (done in Adobe XD) had been presented to and agreed with the client, we pressed ahead with the website development. On completion, a V1 site was presented to the D&Co team, who provided comments and suggestions. Each of these was discussed individually (we don't shy away from challenging clients when we disagree with suggestions) and implemented as necessary. This process was repeated two more times (i.e. up to a V3/launch site), before hosting options were finalised and the site finally deployed.

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