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Joywave is an eco-adventure startup that creates earth-protecting, life-changing adventures for contributors to its fundraising campaigns.


We were approached to help with brand strategy, logo design, brand guidelines, website design/development, and pitch deck design.

Joywave - Logo


The process of devising a strategy for the logo and wider brand identity began with establishing Joywave’s mission, purpose, and values. These formed the basis for 40 different keywords to reflect the brand, the business offering, and the target market. Keywords were subsequently categorised into broader groups, before being tied to specific design motifs. For example, to create a sense of community and belonging, it was decided that a club-like crest was to be incorporated into the logo. As seen below, this crest was composed of three elements central to the company’s eco-adventures (beach, planet, sun).

Joywave - Logo Narrative


Once the logo had been designed, various other core identity elements (typography, colours, etc.) were set out in a brand guidelines document, alongside specific instructions on how to apply them. Using this visual framework, both a website and slide deck were designed and (in the case of the website) developed.

Joywave - Brand Guidelines
Joywave - Website
Joywave - Pitch Deck
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