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MONA Careers

MONA Careers connects London's acting community with the hospitality industry, offering flexible, part-time, and permanent jobs for actors. They provide reliable, charismatic front-of-house staff to hospitality businesses and support actors with career-enhancing incentives, such as acting classes and workshops.

We were asked by MONA to design and develop their new website and help with basic SEO setup.

MONA - Website Image 1


The first step, after finalisation of the website content, was to determine whether to build the site from scratch or using a web-based platform. After discussions around the site's required functionality - both in the short and long term - we agreed to host the site on Wix, which MONA had already been using. Not only would this be more efficient, but it would allow for the seamless transfer of first-party data collected through the previous site. 

MONA - Website Image 2
MONA - Mobile Site UI


The development process began with a full design of the site wireframe on Adobe XD. Once designs were finalised after various iterations, we commenced with the build. Before deployment, we set up basic SEO through the use of keywords, meta tags, internal linking, URL structure, and mobile optimisation.

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