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Prince Bloodstock

Prince Bloodstock is a Dubai-based bloodstock agent, founded by former H. Graham Motion assistant, George Prince. At the start of 2024, we were approach by George to devise a brand strategy and brand identity.

Prince Bloodstock - Keywords Grouping


We began the process by listing out a set of keywords that represented what the brand was looking to stand for and how it was looking to be perceived. These keywords were then grouped into five categories to give a more holistic view of the potential strategic angles. In order to achieve a more targeted, focused strategy, two of the five categories/angles were subsequently disregarded.

Keyword Grouping

Prince Bloodstock - Logo Mood Board

Mood Board


It was decided the logo and wider identity should strike a balance: on the one hand, it should appear modern, fresh, and challenger brand-esque; on the other, it should convey professionalism and trustworthiness. To achieve a polished, prestigious, British look, it would adopt a palette and typeface reminiscent of classic British brands. A visual mood board (above) was assembled to reflect these characteristics.

Prince Bloodstock - Logos
Prince Bloodstock - Final Logo


Three logos were designed for the client, with 'Option 3' (directly above) winning the race. The logo contains a standalone geometric horse (head/neck) logomark alongside an extended sans serif wordmark, evocative of classic British brands such as Range Rover and Holland & Holland. The confident simplicity of the logo reflects the aesthetic of big tech brands such as Deliveroo, highlighting the agent's fresh approach through an understanding of modern branding. The palette, with its deep-hued green and muted gold, reflects - among other things - the industry (green being the dominant colour) and the colour of winning itself. 

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