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TransportBud is an app that explains cities’ transport systems in a simple, intelligible way. We were approached by Torunn, the founder, to come up with a name, design a brand identity, and do the app UI design.

TransportBud - Naming


The process started with the naming of the app. Competitor analysis revealed that literal, descriptive names are preferred to abstract ones in this particular space. ‘TransportBud’ was one of five suggested names that mirrored both the function of the app and the copy’s friendly, approachable tone of voice.


After a name was chosen, three separate logos were designed for the client, each accompanied by an icon for the app. Again, the aim was to reflect the nature of the app and capture its friendly tone. Careful attention was paid to the typeface, which had to be free and suitable for UI design.

TransportBud - Logo
TransportBud - App Icon Design


Finally, the UI design. As always, this was designed to be user-friendly and, as requested by the client, modern and ‘digital’ in its look & feel. A unique set of icons was also designed for the app.

TransportBud - UI Design
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