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Using smart technology and real-time data, OnWard, via an app, connects med students looking for experience on hospital wards with doctors who have the capacity to teach.

We were approached by Sandy, the co-founder, to devise two different brand identity strategies and logo designs to choose from, as well as a business card design based on the preferred option.

OnWard - Keyword Groupings


The brand identity strategy started with a list of brand keywords. These were subsequently grouped into categories, before being split into two broader ‘approaches’.


Approach 1 would position OnWard as a friendly, accessible provider of teaching opportunities for medical students, with the brand geared heavily towards the end user (i.e. the student). It would therefore appear young, fresh, and Gen Z-y, with certain aesthetic cues also placing it as a technology-/data-driven brand built around connectedness.


Approach 2 would be the ‘safe’ approach, with OnWard portrayed in a more serious, clinical light typical of the medical/healthcare space. It would appear more authoritative and official, and by the same stroke, more dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.

Keyword Groupings

OnWard - Approach 1 Logo

Approach 1

OnWard - Approach 2 Logo

Approach 2


The Approach 1 logo was designed around the ideas of connectedness and forward (or onward) motion / progress. A sense of connectedness is achieved through the joining of the N and the W, the two letters that bridge the words On and Ward. A sense of forward motion is achieved via the gradient, with the darker, more muted pink bursting into a neon-like blue in line with the eyes’ direction of travel.

Approach 2 pairs a simple, official-looking logomark with a nondescript, modern sans serif. The logomark is an abstract take on the words On and Ward: On represented by a downward-pointing arrow formed from negative space, Ward by the classic medical cross. The arrow is positioned so it points onto the cross (i.e. On the Ward).

OnWard - App Icon

App Icons


After Approach 2 had been chosen as the preferred option, the logo and wider identity was applied to all online and offline touchpoints.

OnWard - Business Cards
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