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Stique (from ‘domestique’) is a Midlands-based cycling accessories startup that makes high-quality products using engineering-grade materials. We designed and built Stique’s website, developed its brand guidelines, and designed its packaging along with an array of other branded materials.

Stique - Header Image.jpg


Step 1 for Stique was a set of brand guidelines that could be used by the business to ensure visually coherency across its many brand touchpoints. Guidelines included instructions on logo usage, colours, typography, material layouts, and imagery.

Stique - Brand Guidelines


Using this newly established visual language, we went on to redesign and rebuild Stique’s website. This was done on Shopify, whose advanced e-commerce capabilities and seamless integration with third-party apps (e.g. Mailchimp, Xero) made it the right fit for this particular business.

Stique - Website


Given the nature of the business and competitor landscape, Stique’s packaging was identified as a potential source of differentiation / competitor advantage. In keeping with the company’s design philosophy, we designed simple, clean packaging for three of its main products: the ML125, ML125CF, and ML14CF, and handled production with the printers.

Stique - ML14CF Packaging
Stique - ML125CF Packaging
Stique - Packaging Photo


Over an extended period of time, we have also designed a number of other branded materials for the company, including stationery, social media content, and print - much of which adopted a tongue-in-cheek, Apple-like branding to emphasise the brand and products' quality and simplicity.

Stique - Poster
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